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role if amma enlightment

Role of Amma in Enlightenment

(These are excerpts taken from the darshans of Sri Bhagavan at the Oneness University, where Bhagavan speaks about Amma.)

Q:)Bhagavan, what is the role of Amma in Mukti(Enlightenment)?

Bhagavan: See, Amma and I are two sides of the same coin. We are not really different. For practical purposes we have said, let Amma look after the Varas (Desires)and I look after Mukti(Enlightenment).

Maybe after some months I will shift over to Varas and Amma will shift over to Mukti. We can interchange, but when we work in the Mukti process I handle one particular Nadi and she handles one particular Nadi. And generally we won't interchange. And if the problems are related to your father, because these are very vital things, then I would be handling them, and if the problems are related to the mother, Amma would be handling them, because these things control your process actually - your relationship with your parents. And the other thing is, when I tend to 'explain', Amma tends to 'act'. So you need both these components. If somebody comes and tells me - I have this problem, I will try to explain to him why is this problem and that better he understand this and understands that, all that. Amma and I, we have our arguments and Amma says "Look! He already has a problem, he cannot even think, you are trying to explain to him right now. That we will see later, first let us solve his problem." My argument is that if you solve the problem, he runs away. So it goes on like this.

And there are some things, when people have to be mothered, because it is a very wrong kind of delivery and therefore Amma has to mother him. So that kind of thing. We have complementary roles to play. But though in the Mukti(Enlightenment) process both will be involved.

At a physical level, Amma is focussing more on the desires aspect and I am focusing more on the Mukti(Enlightenment) aspect. In essence there is no great difference. It is like two sides of the same coin. And basically I handle what is called the stillness. i.e. whenever you are very still you know that I am handling it and where is some kind of movement of consciousness it will be Amma who is handling it. Stillness and movement would be alternating, though sometimes Amma may take over stillnes and I may take over movement. I can't tell you why we exchange, but then the ultimate is stillness and movement; the ultimate truth in case there is an 'ultimate truth'. You will see what is there is only stillness and movement. These two only will be alternating. This only creates the universe and everything on it. These things are there. It is an experience. That is why when Christ, when asked once, where do you come from? He made a remark that - tell them, that I have come from stillness and movement. You understand that you understood a lot. So, this you will experience in the process.

Q:) Even before I complete my prayers to Amma, she delivers the boon on my lap. Why is Amma, so fast and compassionate, Bhagavan? Do the Pancha Boothas obey Her word and act immediately?

Bhagavan: See, even in your families, the mother is generally quick to appease you. Your father is a bit tough. It is exactly the same thing here. There's no difference at all. That's why, what you must do is, incase I am not answering, you must shift to Amma. But Amma is also tough in Her own way. She may be very demanding, she might put conditions on you "Ok I will do this for you, but do this." Most of Amma's conditionings would be "Do this, I will give this to you." But my thing is "I will do this, but understand this." I focus more on learning. Amma focus more on karma. So you have to choose.

February 11, 2008

Amma - Medicine Prescription

By - Vishal Kshhatrriya

Every negative thought, the word we utter, our deeds are creating blockages in the body and affecting our health through Anger, Jealousy,
Judgements, Love, Joy, etc.
It enters into our Karmic Bank. Some childhood desicions made
out of hurts, bad
relationships, wrong lifestyles could also lead to

Hatred - Liver Problems

Excessive Hatred - Cancer

Jealousy and Fear - Ulcer

Suppression of Emotions - Stress

Stress - Heart problems

Accumulation of Hurts - Arthritis

Inner violence - Kidney Problems

Not able to forgive other leads to almost every possible
disease, one after another through out life.

"When you don't forgive, you accumulate hurts"

August 18, 2007

Sri Amma's Birthday message on 15th Aug 2007

August 15 every year is a day of great significance to Indians all over. In the last few years, this day has acquired a much greater significance for devotees of Sri Amma Bhagavan the world over. It is the janmadina of Sri Amma celebrated as the "Day of Love"

"Transforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few sages and seers. To create a better world is the responsibility of every one of you. In this struggle for survival; innocence, love and values are being lost. It is you who has to uphold these values. Do not consider yourself to be ordinary beings. Each one of you has the infinite powers of the divine within you. You have the powers to see god in the heart of every human being and once you begin to see the divine in every man, you will able to love every living being, every individual. Through you gods power would flow into the world. Do not get habituated to lovelessness, through your words, through your loving actions and through your service. You could awaken every human being from his stooper of sufferings, self created misery and ignorance. It is because of you the whole world could be awakened, your taking up this responsibility is the beginning of the Golden Age this is my message to you today" ... Sri Amma

With prayers for a Grace filled celebration of Sri Amma's Janmadina for each of you.

Oneness Guides. Aug 15, 2007.

15th August 2007

Sri Amma's message: RELATION


Sri Amma's Message On Her Birthday: RELATION

The nature of mind is to find fault with others, judge, blame and label others due to preconditioned perception. If the perception is negative, then the mind keeps on commenting -he is bad, she nags, he does not understand me, she is too suspicious, they do not love me, i have no respect in the family, everybody uses me and so on. Everything would be coloured, hence you would continue to blame others, and hence we develop dislike. Dislike slowly turns into hatred, which spoils relationship. Because of this broken relationship, however good the others are, we are not able to "see" the truth. Mind generates logic, due to fear but heart emanates truth. Fear is manifesting as hatred, jealousy, anger and violence in families and society. Stress comes not because of physical work but from negative approach. We can see truth only when we love others. Logic destroys love. It is not possible to love after you have judged. Hence we suffer.

Unless we learn the art of "seeing" with internal integrity, we will not be able to "see" the truth, and discover love. If we can love, only then we can forgive and seek forgiveness. One should develop extreme patience to maintain love and peace in the relationship.

Lords grace flows naturally to those whose relations are set right, particularly with parent

Role of Amma in Enlightenment

(These are excerpts taken from the darshans of Sri Bhagavan at the Oneness University, where Bhagavan speaks about Amma.)

miracles of ammabagavan

A man who took great pride in his lawns found himself with a large crop of Dandelions. He tried every method he knew to get rid of them. Still they plagued him.

Finally he wrote to the Department of Agriculture. He enumerated all the things he had tried and closed his letter with the question, “What shall I do now?”

In due course the reply came, “We suggest you learn to love them.”

I too was greatly proud of my goodness, nobility and God fearing nature, until I found a great shadow lurking within me. It was a series of accidents that led me to the doorsteps of Sri Kalki.

For the first time ever I came face to face with myself. I thought I did not have jealousy, frustration, discontent and fear. To my great surprise I found I had jealousy, fear, discontent and frustration. I thought I was beyond selfishness while Bhagavan showed me that behind every action of mine there was a self. Bhagavan showed me that the ‘Rama’ that I thought I was, never existed. I was a Ravana. My only son had heard me tell often, “Son, you have to study well and hold a good position in the society. I want you to be happy in life. I love you very much. I don’t want you to suffer.”

It was not fatherly love that made me say them, instead my own traumas and insecurity and the fear of ridicule from friends and relatives, acted behind the scene.

The whole experience of seeing myself happen when as a stranger I stood one among the thousands who were worshipping Bhagavan in one of the darshans. I felt Bhagavan’s eyes suddenly rest on me. As His compassionate eyes bored into mine, I saw His form seated in my heart. Bhagavan was looking at me from within me. The experience of self-discovery began that second. For forty-five minutes a great storm raged within me as I came up with several excuses with everyone of my behaviour. I didn’t want to accept my inner ugliness. Desperate tears poured down my eyes. The darshan was coming to a close.

Suddenly Bhagavan spoke from within, “Embracing yourself is the first and the last step.” The Lord fell silent. That minute the gates of paradise opened up in me. A joy beyond everything that I have ever known coursed through my body. As Bhagavan left I found myself dancing in ecstasy. I danced my jealousy, I danced my selfishness, I danced my anger, I danced my frustration. This joy stays with me till today.

In my office as I perform my duty I find jealousy, fear and anger racing through me and I dance them. People around me join me in my dance. I am four times as efficient as I was before and still I am left with a reservoir of energy when I go to bed.

My Anatha Koti Pada Pranams to Bhagavan.

December 22, 2007

Bhagavan eating Brinjal!

Contributed by Vishal Kshhatrriya


This is a regular practice at Vishal Kshhatrriya's house, where he offers food to Sri Bhagavan and Amma before his every meal.

So one day, as usual when he offered food prepared with Brinjal (Brinjal is considered to be Bhagavan's favorite vegetable ) to Amma Bhagavan, after few minutes he and his family members saw a Big Bite eaten away by Bhagavan!

Just take a look at the miracle pic!

This is not happening just to one devotee's house, but in every house, wherever Amma and Bhagavan's shrimurti is placed, in those devotees life miracles are on - going happening throughout the day. For Amma Bhagavan devotees, the Sri Murti (the photo of Amma Bhagavan) is not an ordinary laminated photo. For them through their personal experience, they have seen Bhagavan coming out of Sri Murti, sometimes Bhagavan answers their prayers by nodding His Head, in some people house Amma's walks around their house and helps them in their day to day activity - for proof they hear Amma's Anklets noise (golusu), and many more variety of experiences.

The Antaryamin Bhagavan or The Personal God gets awakened when he is loved by his devotees and god is not an abstract word or a form to them, but has become a Family Member to him.

A Quote from Bhagavan's Mahakvakya - "It is not enough to know that I exist, you must know Me personally."

Viraat Swaroop of Bhagavan

Contributed by Vishal Kshhatrriya

Hi all,

This is a Miracle pic!

Well the history is one of the devotee was having the snap of earlier shrimurti (in yellow dress). While some other devotee asked for the same shrimurti. Because of the unavailability for one more shrimurti....he thought that he can give the Xerox of this shrimurti and when the xerox came it was like this - Bhagavan in Viraat Swaroop!

You must be wondering - how did this happened? and why did it happen to only that person?

If you have gone through the historical stories and also Bhaktas like Meerabai, Narsinh Mehta, Kabirdas, God has manifested to them in various forms and figures to please his bhaktas (devotees). "God is not unknown, but unknowable".

In discourses with Sri Bhagavan and many of the Oneness affiliated programmes, we have learnt that if there are 64 Billion people on this planet earth, so there are 64 billion experiences, consciousness, each varying from one to another. Each one's experience will be different than the other. The Truth, The Experience which a person (A) has received, may or may not be the Truth for (B). Thus God or The Divine too manifests in each being differently.


So, no one in this world will be or can be fully convinced about God, about Life, about Miracles...until that becomes your personal experience.

In the Darshans of Sri Bhagavan and Amma and programmes conducted by the Oneness University, each individual experience this spiritual awakening wherein he comes face to face with His Personal God or Antaryamin in the form and power he choses to.

September 28, 2007

Inner Passion Transforms into Outer Reality

Hi all,

I finally got time to share my experience. I would like to introduce myself today to my viewers.

I am 23 year old, graduated in Bachelors of Psychology. Presently I am working in a UK based Software Company as HR which is basically a financial services company. We from India provide them software development to our clients over at UK. I am solely responsible to take care of the small team of people in India.

Here goes my experience:

I recently attended the Break Thru course at the Oneness University. I wanted an opening or a break thru in my career. My current job was not so satisfactory for me(my past job). But something or other would come upon me, wherein I didn't get any vacancy for the right kind of job I wanted and with acceptable salary package. I was going thru lot of emotional turmoils, which happened to affect directly on my relationships with my family, my fiance and all others. I was unhappy, and now & then I used to get upset and depressed.

As I was attending the Break Thru course, I got clarity over to my problems and sufferings. In the course, we were given complete solutions to our problems, and not only that, we have been taught as to how to tackle other problems too. Now I can proudly announce, that I can face any bitter of life, and still keep growing in understanding and experiencing of the very life. I know, how can I change my world of disturbances and problems, to BreakThru and Solutions.

The result of BreakThru course is - I have got a wonderful job offer for the post of HR in an IT Company (my desired career), and with a hike in salary package. I had not completed my BreakThru course, I got the offer/leap in my career. And what is my background - I am just a graduate with 1 year and more experience. Isn't it a MIRACLE? Yes, it is Miracle in my life.

So, did you get inspired by my experience? :) All I can say, I am delighted to have this experience. It is due to this new personality born in me, I am more capable and strong.


Life In Oneness

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